Are pine shavings good for corn snakes

Are pine shavings good for corn snakes


Pondering if pine shavings are good for corn snakes? Let’s explore! We need to consider several factors. Pine shavings can be harmful if they contain bad oils or toxins. So, select kiln-dried or heat-treated ones. But, debate rages around respiratory issues. Fresh pine can irritate delicate systems, but aging shavings reduce volatile compounds. Alternatives? Aspen shavings provide texture and low dust. Reptile carpets or paper towels offer convenience, but lack natural substrate experience. Let’s make an informed decision and keep readers from shedding tears of boredom!

Overview of corn snake bedding options

Options for bedding corn snakes are plentiful! Aspen shavings, paper-based bedding, coconut husk, reptile carpet – all of these provide a great environment for our scaly friends. But beware – pine shavings should be avoided! They contain chemicals which can be toxic.

One of my friends found this out the hard way. Their snake developed respiratory issues until they changed the bedding. So, think twice before adding pine shavings to your corn snake’s enclosure – it’s not worth the risk!

The Pros and Cons of pine shavings as corn snake bedding

Pine shavings are a common bedding for corn snakes. They provide a comfortable and natural environment, and help with humidity levels. But there are drawbacks. They smell strong, and are dusty. This can harm the snake and its keeper’s respiratory system. Different types of pine can be used, but low-resin ones are best. Before using, bake the shavings at 250°F for 30 minutes to sterilize and remove any harmful pathogens or insects.

Time to step aside, pine shavings. It’s time for some alternative snake slumber parties!

Alternative options for corn snake bedding

Pine shavings are a great way to step up your pet corn snake’s bedding game! This luxurious lumberyard option provides humidity control and odor prevention. It’s easy to clean and replace, and won’t be accidentally swallowed by your scaly pal.

Other alternatives include:

  • Coconut husk (eco-friendly, good for burrowing)
  • Aspen shavings (absorbent, no aromatic oils)
  • Paper-based bedding (economical and eco-friendly, dust-free)
  • Reptile carpeting (easily cleaned, reusable)

No matter the material you choose, keep it clean and dry to ensure a healthy living environment for your corn snake.

Best practices for using pine shavings as corn snake bedding

When it comes to using pine shavings for bedding for your corn snake, there are some best practices to follow. This will aid in the health and well-being of your pet, whilst creating a suitable living environment. Here are five main points to consider:

  1. Use kiln-dried pine shavings. Kiln-drying eliminates toxins and other hazardous materials that could be present in untreated wood shavings.
  2. Avoid aromatic or cedar shavings. These shavings can release oils that are toxic to snakes. Stick with plain, untreated pine shavings.
  3. Have an adequate depth. Corn snakes love to burrow and hide. Put down 2-3 inches of pine shavings for them to do so.
  4. Monitor humidity levels. Pine shavings can absorb moisture, which can change the humidity levels in the enclosure. Keep an eye on the levels and adjust the amount of shavings accordingly.
  5. Clean and replace bedding regularly. This will keep the enclosure clean and hygienic. It will also prevent the growth of bacteria and fungus. Plus, avoid large pieces of bark or splinters in the bedding. They can cause injury or discomfort to your snake. Make sure to spot clean the enclosure regularly too, by removing any feces or dirty spots!

No matter if your snake is a fan of pine shavings or not, the choice is yours – but at least it’s not snakes on a plane!


Pine shavings present a great option for a corn snake’s bedding. They are natural and comfy, plus they offer great moisture absorbency – key for humidity levels in their enclosure. Plus, they have a nice smell and control odors. Cleaning is also simple – spot clean waste or soiled bedding, and completely change it regularly.

It’s important to note that not all wood shavings are okay for reptiles. But pine shavings have natural oils that are safe for corn snakes. This makes them a great choice for a secure and cozy habitat.

In addition to the bedding, provide hiding spots and enrichment items in the enclosure. These could include artificial caves or logs, which resemble the snake’s natural habitat.

By using pine shavings and providing appropriate environmental enrichment, corn snake owners can make sure their pets’ well-being is taken care of and create a habitat similar to their natural one.