Are Scented Candles Bad For Geckos?

Are Scented Candles Bad For Geckos?

are scented candles bad for geckos

Whether you are a seasoned reptile owner, or you are just getting into the world of reptiles, there is one question that you probably have in mind: are scented candles bad for geckos? Obviously, you’ll want to make sure that the odors don’t bother your reptiles, but you’ll want to be careful about using scented candles in the first place. Here are some tips to help you make the right decision about which scented candles are best for your geckos.

Common house lizards in the Philippines

Despite being a relatively common species, common house lizards are no ordinary beasts. In fact, many of them have their own tales of woe. Luckily, there are a few tricks and techniques that will help you tame your local lizard population. Using garlic, scented candles, and tobacco powder are just a few of the things you can do to keep these reptiles at bay.

For example, you can place porous bags of dried chili in your room to keep lizards at bay. While you’re at it, don’t forget to deter insects and mosquitoes. A well-stocked mosquito and insect repellent dispenser will keep a number of these creatures at bay. You can also place an insecticidal spray on your windows.

In addition, you can put a scented candle in a spherical glass vase to keep mosquitoes and other insects at bay. A scented candle can also be used as a nightlight to lighten your path. A scented candle may sound like an unusual choice, but if you’re in a pinch, it’s a godsend.

In the Philippines, the most common house lizard is the spiny-tailed lizard. Its scientific name is hemidactylus frenatus. This is not the only type of lizard to be found in the country. The spiny-tailed lizard has a long, soft tail and a skin that can be light or dark. Its name is derived from the spines on the tail. This little critter can be found in all parts of the country.

There is a lot more to a lizard than meets the eye, and if you’re a fan of reptiles, the Philippines is the place to be. Its jungles and mountains are home to numerous species, and it’s not hard to find a place to relax and unwind. In addition, there are a number of interesting sites that are worth visiting, including the Bataan Death March Museum, the Manila Metropolitan Museum, and the National Museum of the Philippines. These museums and historical sites will not only show you the history of the country, but also provide fun and interesting facts about the country’s rich culture.

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Reptile odors can be offensive with scented candles

Using a scented candle in your reptile’s enclosure can be hazardous to your pet’s health. The best way to ward off bad reptile smells is to clean the enclosure as often as possible. While this isn’t always possible, a good vacuum cleaner and a little elbow grease will go a long way towards keeping your reptilian neighbors happy.

Using a scented candle in your home may also entail exposure to noxious vapors, which is a shame. As with any indoor setting, the best way to get rid of bad odors is to keep the place well ventilated. Using a decent fan is especially important in an apartment setting. A good air purifier is also a godsend when the snoots are flying. Using the wrong product can be a disaster, so make sure to do your research before you splurge on your next candle. This is especially true if you have a pet reptile. You’ll be glad you did. After all, who wants to share a room with a nappy and sneezy reptile? Fortunately, there are plenty of companies out there that make top notch products. A good place to start is by visiting your local pet store. A reputable reptile specialist can offer you advice based on your needs and budget.

If you do choose to burn candles near your leopard gecko, always keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn’t seem to be bothered by the fumes. If he starts wheezing, sneezing, or having trouble breathing, it’s best to remove him from the area and get him to fresh air immediately.

The chemicals released from paraffin wax can be harmful to their respiratory system, and the heat from burning candles can be a fire hazard.

Firstly, do not use them in the same room as the reptile if it can be helped . Instead, have the candle be in another room and use a fan to blow air out the window so that no residual particles can stay in the air.

Reptile owners should use no scent products on stinky reptile smells to prevent respiratory infections.

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Alternatives to scented candles

Using scented candles and air fresheners is bad for many creatures, including reptiles. The smoke and odors from these products are toxic for geckos and other animals. They can also cause respiratory infections. These products also contain heavy metals, which can be harmful to the health of people and animals.

There are several healthy alternatives to scented candles for geckos. One way to avoid smoke and odors is to use an essential oil diffuser. A diffuser will break down the fragrance into tiny particles that release steam from the top. This is a much safer alternative to burning candles. A flameless candle is also a good choice because it does not emit any smoke or fragrance.

Another alternative is using a wax warmer. A wax warmer warms scented wax melts and releases the fragrance slowly. You can choose the amount of fragrance you want to release. Wax warmers are also more economical than candles. You can also purchase a wax warmer that has an integrated timer. A wax warmer is a safe alternative to scented candles because it uses renewable wax, which creates less pollution.

You can also use lava lamps, which have beautiful colors. You can also keep flowers in vases in the room, which can help clear the air of odors. The fragrances from flowers are pleasant and natural. Flowers also help clear the air of toxins.

Other alternatives include using natural-based candles and incense. Natural-based candles are healthier for you and your pet because they do not contain harmful additives. You should also avoid using candles with lead wicks, which are illegal in the United States. Lead wicks can slip through cheap imported products and pose a health risk.

Another alternative to scented candles is an electric wax warmer. An electric wax warmer is cheaper than candles and releases the fragrance slowly. Using an electric wax warmer also provides a cleaner air because the waxes used are renewable.

If you are worried about using candles around your leopard geckos, you can try using essential oil diffusers. These electric devices are ideal for aromatherapy and act as humidifiers as well. If you need to use essential oils, they should be diluted before using. The fragrance from essential oils is too strong for geckos, so use them sparingly.

Some people also use flameless candles or LED lights as an alternative to scented candles. These flameless candles are battery operated and emit low light. If you are using candles, you should always be careful when they are burning, and always keep your cats out of the room.

Another option is using a stick diffuser. A stick diffuser can be used for scents, and you don’t need any fancy equipment to use it.

If you want to deodorize the air, deep clean the reptile tank or consider incorporating some air purifying house plants.

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Are Soy Candles Safe for Leopard Geckos?

Some people believe that certain candles can be detrimental to the leopard genus. Depending on the candle the ingredients differ. Cottonwick candles emit less harmful particles from the environment and cheaper synthetic scented candles have more toxic effects. While natural wax candle is better for geckos, this can cause serious health issues for them. It is better for the animals to be cleaned up before entering reptile enclosures. Make sure they are getting a good supply of filtered water, because the bacteria that live on the surface can be harmful. Tap water can help geckos in any situation if they are not contaminated.

Different style candles do have different ingredients. For example, cotton wick candles emit less harmful particles into the air, while cheap, artificially scented varieties tend to be more harmful candles. While natural soy and palm wax candles are better for geckos, it still puts your healthy gecko at risk.

Is it safe to use essential oils around leopard geckos?

Some reptile owners apply various kinds of products to cover up the scent to hide odor. However, this doesn’t guarantee safety. Even oils that have been formulated by scientists have not been tested for effectiveness or toxicity as they may be harmful. You may have serious health consequences from the prolonged exposure of geckos to such aromas. There have been reports that reptiles use diffusers for their daily meals. Many avoid tea trees essential oils. Although these stories do seem to suggest the safety of essential oils, we don’t consider the risks to our lives worthwhile.

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Are candles better for reptiles?

We painted everything with pretty big brushes and while looking at different alternatives for controlling the odours from the reptiles is an effective solution, there’s definitely some candles that are better. All candle smoke will produce smoke, however soy candles burn cleaner than traditional paraffin candles. It isn’t necessarily necessary but this is a step in the right direction. No matter the type of candles, wick is the most common reason for excessive black smoke. Also, you must trim your wicks as much as possible to protect them from disease.

Are there any safe varieties?

Although reptiles claim soy candles are safe for reptiles, they should not be re-used for air-freshening. Even when candles emit natural particles, they still pose problems to reptile species. It is true that all candle products cause dust and smoke. Soot is a substance composed of impure gases which can cause combustion in the atmosphere if the combustion process is not completely finished. While inefficient candle burn and wicks produce much more soot than other types, candles all produce less soot. Aside from that, the candles emit smoke.

How to Have Candles & Reptiles in Rooms?

The odour of the reptile can be cured by using a candle and the reptile’s odors are controlled using the appropriate precaution measures. First, don’t place them on top of reptiles unless it is possible. Instead, place a candle in another place using a fan to blow air into a door so that nothing remains in the air. Keeping candles in another room is especially important if the reptile owner is living in a low ventilated area. Another suggestion is to choose the candles wisely. A wick of varying length may cause more smoking or odor.

Are leopard geckos sensitive to scents?

Leopard geckos or other reptiles have a sensitive taste for scent. Inhalation of fragrance-filled air can cause respiratory infections. Although reptile vapors can be incredibly irritating when not properly handled, the odor should remain intact instead. Clean your Reptile cage for a better smell. This product has other uses such as the deodorisation of reptile skin for controlling odor. Reptiles should avoid any scented products when they have a scenty smell in the animal to avoid infection.

Are air fresheners better than others?

Air fresheners toxicity varies greatly between manufacturers and the ingredient list has been long and varied. The leader in safe air fresheners for cats has to be Februaryeze. The site also has an entire webpage explaining the reasons for pet safety. Although there are no reptiles there is a reasonable assumption it is gentle enough to be mild in lungs. But if they were safer they would be less likely to expose their reptile to huge quantities and they are safer than humans.

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Is Incense Safer for Reptiles?

In the same way as candle burning, incense that burns clean can reduce smoke and lessen dust odors. Again, that does not mean burning incense in reptiles’ houses, but it will reduce indoor pollution within the house. Traditional incense is used to burn for a much longer period of time and burns usually much cleaner. Dipping is done using a thin layer of sawdust that causes more smoke and stale burns. Choose a traditional incense and avoid dips for the indoor air quality.

Do candles emit harmful substances for a leopard gecko?

Some believe burning candles could be toxic and lead to the encroachment or destruction of wildlife species. However there has yet to come any scientific data to show if candle smoke poses any risk to the lizard in any respect. If you want to keep your Leo safe, it may be better to take caution when you don’t use candles. Alternately you can choose non-scented beeswax or soy candles both of which have lower emissions than others.

Are there any safe candles for leopard geckos?

It’s not true. Usually candle wax contains paraffin which emits harmful chemicals when melted. They are dangerous for geckos, leopards and reptiles that breathe it into their environment. In addition, candles may pose fire hazards for leopard geckos or other pet animals. If you need to use scented candles in your home, ensure that they are out of sight.

Great Husbandry Is The Best Way To Keep Reptile Enclosures Smelling Great

Air freshener candles and incense have a purpose in removing odor from the air. They’re going nowhere. This will be impossible to accomplish compared to simply cleaning out your reptile enclosure. Cleaning helps improve reptile smell but can improve their health and wellbeing. Lets look for some tips on how to avoid the smell of odorous snakes.

Get into a daily cleaning routine

If you clean a reptile sanctuary “when you have a few hours” you lose that battle with smells. Rather, start cleaning regularly to prevent problems from happening before they happen. How often you clean depends on what reptile you keep. You need to remove any waste from the body as much as possible and discard the rest of the food you have. A stinky water can also have serious impacts on reptiles that spend more time in the water.

As mentioned above, loose substrate is one of the main causes of a smelly tank, but rotting food and hidden poos may also be contributing to the unpleasant scent of the enclosure.

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Consider Enzymatic Cleaner

Enzymatic cleaners are commonly recommended for dogs and cats to clean up accident. The Chicago Tribune explains how these cleaners can help with staining in their article: This means enzymatic cleaning removes organic materials more effectively than most other cleaning products. I am going to go with Flukes. I have several options for reptiles.

Tell me the best way to prevent reptile enclosures from cracking?

If the reptiles are cleaned daily thoroughly, they shouldn’t be suffering from noxious smells. It is possible for reptile tanks to smell odourous. The first step to controlling bad smells is finding the reptiles tank that smell like them.

Tell me the smell of reptiles?

Normally reptile’s smell is caused primarily from substrate used in enclosures or if they get fungal disease. The tank should always be properly cleaned to avoid contaminating and making the reptiles stink. If the substrate is causing problems, then the tank probably shattered the surface. The loose surface generally traps less of its smells resulting in more smells in the urine. Despite being immediately collected, the excrements are nearly impossible to find any grains of dirt or newspapers contaminated with them.

How to Make a Reptile Less Smelly?

It can be very easy to remove smells from reptiles and give them ludicrous hot baths. The bath is not necessary, although lightly rub the skin and let it soak into the bath will help to remove all the remaining scents. Alternatively try gently brushing reptiles skin with soft brushes if necessary. Do not touch the skin very hard.

Pick up all leftover food within 24 hours. Replace the reptile’s water every day. Clean feces and urine every day. Clean the tank and decorations every other week. If loose substrate is used, replace it often.

Are air fresheners safe for reptiles?

Similar to candles most air fresheners containing Febreze contain small particles which can inhale and lead to illness and irritation. Although inhalations can be harmless to humans, they can be dangerous for respiratory infections.

Is Febreze harmful to reptiles?

Although fenezine can not be harmful for reptiles, certain reptiles are susceptible to smelly things. This can cause sneezing and respiratory infections. Moreover, moisture can also contribute to developing infections. In reptiles it is widely recognized that excess water is associated with problems for reptiles living in dry environments. A mixture of florase and excess moisture may also cause infections.

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Is it safe to use air fresheners?

Unlike candles, airfresheners will be safe when you open your window, and ensure that air fresheners are not sprayed on reptiles. This can damage lungs, but may cause skin irritation.

Safe Alternatives for Air Fresheners/Candles & Pet Reptiles

It is possible to have a room feel fresher without the usage of harmful candles or fresh air cleaners. If reptile owners want their homes and rooms smelling better, try one of the suggestions listed above.

Are Deodorizers Safe for Lizards?

Although the spray can’t be safely disposed of on reptile enclosures, it is known to remove the scent in reptile tanks. Most frequently, they are used for cleaning and improving the smell in tanks.

Zoo Med Wipe Out Terrarium & Small Animal Cage Cleaner

Zoo Med Terrarium Cleaning Spray is a wonderful cleaning agent that can be used for disinfection and deodorisation purposes. This product is guaranteed to be effective in dealing with tank smells. Aside from being odorless, this cleaner won’t cause any problems in any reptile. In addition, there is evidence that the drug helps to reduce the spread of salmonella and pseudomonas in a short period. Ensure the tanks are fully dried before you return the reptiles to their tanks. Please click the link below to review the product.

Fluker Super Scrub Reptile Cleaner

Fluker Super Scrub Reptile Cleaner is specially designed for cleaning reptile enclosures. This natural enzyme is designed to serve as a deodorant which will make your tanks odorless for longer. The fungicide helps reduce the chances that bacteria can grow in the water. Hundreds of customers have raved about this cleaning tool. And, the brush attachment is very convenient. Click here for more reviews from other customers.

No scent. Pet Odor Control

No scent offers deodorization spray safe for reptiles. Noodor is an excellent solution to eliminate unwanted smells and bacteria. This patented product contains a long-lasting enzyme that is specifically used for removing reptile smells. Most people are happy with the effectiveness that the odor removal tool offers. Nonetheless, best outcomes are achieved by combining clean tanks with this spray.

Reptile Safe Alternatives To Candles, Incense and Air Fresheners

You can easily maintain a good smell without irritating reptiles and let’s look at several options.

Houseplants can make a difference

Although there’s some discussion over whether or not houseplants affect indoor air quality, most research indicates they may have some benefit. Houseplant is definitely not going to completely hide reptile scents as much as it does a whole.

Absorb Odors With Charcoal, Baking Soda and More

Please don’t put this stuff into your Reptile enclosure. Instead you could utilize charcoal filters and strategically placed Bako sodas to remove and neutralise the odours in your room.

Circulate air with fans and Open Windows

Obviously the simple cracks in the windows are often overlooked. Add in some thoughtful fan positioning and you’ll dramatically increase your air temperature.

Are scented candles toxic to reptiles?

Reptiles are sensitive to fragrance, and a certain fragrance is known as a threat to their respiratory systems and may even lead to death. Essential oils are more widely used today and many people do not think about their safety.

Are scented candles safe for lizards?

Scented candles and fragrances do not harm reptiles.

Are geckos sensitive to smells?

It smells. Most reptiles use smell to help them survive and leopard geckos are not a particular exception. Foreign smells appear foreign and recognisable smells are obvious and identifiable. Make your leopard gecko comfortable with the scent!

Can scented candles be harmful to pets?

Scented candles may contain chemicals that are dangerous for dogs. The fragrance and smells of candles are often harmful to pets and can affect breathing ability.

Are Leopard Geckos Sensitive To Scents?

The most important thing to know about scented candles is that they can be harmful to your gecko. Leopard Geckos are extremely sensitive to strong scents, and strong scents like perfume or cologne can cause them stress. A stressed leopard gecko will stop eating, which can lead to health issues like metabolic bone disease (MBD).

If you want to use a scented candle around your leopard geckos, keep the scent mild and stick with unscented candles for the best results!

Are Soy and Palm Wax Candles Safe For Leopard Geckos?

Scented candles are a big no-no for your gecko. The scents in these candles can be toxic to reptiles, and the best way to avoid them is to use plain white candles for your leopard gecko habitat.

So what about soy wax? Well, it’s a bit complicated. Soy wax is made from soybeans which are not toxic to reptiles like palm trees are. However, it’s still a petroleum product and will release some toxins when burned (although not as much as paraffin or beeswax). If you’re concerned about using any kind of petroleum product in your leopard gecko habitat, then go with beeswax instead because this type of candle does not contain any dangerous ingredients at all!

Palm wax has always been problematic due to its high levels of toxins coming from the palm tree itself. For example: when these trees get old they can produce something called “crab poisoning” which causes an allergic reaction in humans (and animals too!). So if you want to avoid this harmful substance then we recommend sticking with something else – like beeswax!

Is It Safe To Use Essential Oils Around Leopard Geckos?

Unfortunately, essential oils are extremely toxic to leopard geckos. They can cause respiratory distress and liver damage, kidney damage, neurological damage and gastrointestinal damage. All in all the oils should be avoided at all costs.

Is Burning Incense Bad For Geckos?

It’s not a good idea to burn incense around your geckos. Incense typically contains heavy metals, which are toxic to reptiles. It is also not healthy for humans, as the smoke can cause respiratory problems and lung cancer.

Is It Safe To Use Air Fresheners Around Geckos?

Air fresheners are not recommended for use around geckos. These products can contain toxic chemicals that can be harmful to your pet. Air fresheners should be avoided in the same way you would avoid using scented candles, perfume and other fragrant items that may have negative effects on your pet.

Burning scented candles around leopard geckos is bad because the oils used to achieve the scents are toxic.

Scented candles are not good for leopard geckos. Leopard geckos are extremely sensitive to scents, and burning them in their enclosure can cause respiratory problems. Furthermore, the oils used in scented candles are toxic to leopard geckos (and other reptiles) and should never be used around reptiles. If you must use a scented candle, make sure that it is unscented or has a scent that will not harm your reptile friend!


We hope this article has answered your question about whether or not scented candles are bad for geckos. We know that you love your pets, so it’s important to keep them safe and comfortable. The best thing you can do is research the product before purchasing it, especially if it contains essential oils or other scents that might be harmful to your pet.