Can geckos get high

Can geckos get high

Key Takeaways:

  • Geckos can potentially experience negative effects from exposure to marijuana and other substances, leading to acute psychotic episodes and long-term mental effects.
  • Exposure to marijuana smoke can cause symptoms and potential fatality in geckos, highlighting the importance of maintaining distance and changing clothing after smoking.
  • Other factors, such as improper diet and dehydration, can also impact gecko health, emphasizing the need for proper care and nutrition.



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Can geckos get high? That’s the curious question about these small reptiles. Geckos have adhesive pads on their feet, which help them climb smooth surfaces. This has made people wonder if geckos could use their pads to cling to plants and consume psychoactive substances. But, it is more likely that they use their adhesive pads for moving around and catching prey, rather than seeking out drugs.

Understanding the Framework

Understanding the  Framework

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Exploring the reference data:

Exploring the reference data:

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Researchers wanted to know: Can geckos get high? To find out, they studied the effects of substances on geckos. The reference data provides valuable info about the study and its results.

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Potential risks and consequences of geckos getting high:

Potential risks and consequences of geckos getting high:

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Geckos getting high can cause serious harm. Firstly, it can ruin their physical health. Changes in heart rate, respiration, and metabolism can have a negative effect.

Secondly, their cognitive functions can be impaired. Geckos rely on their cognitive abilities to find food and navigate their environment. Substance consumption can cause confusion and disorientation.

Additionally, being high increases the risk of accidents and injuries. Impaired coordination and judgment can lead to dangerous climbs and hazardous areas. This can cause falls, collisions, and other accidents that could kill the geckos.

Furthermore, the long-term effects of substance use on geckos are unknown. It could damage their health, shorten their lifespan, and reduce their reproductive abilities.



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Geckos and Drugs: Reports exist of geckos changing their behavior when exposed to certain drugs. However, there’s no scientific proof to show if these little creatures can actually get high!

Research on Gecko Behavior: Scientists have studied the effects of various substances on geckos, including THC. However, these studies mostly measure physical and neurological effects, not the subjective experience of getting high.

Limited Understanding: We don’t yet know a lot about how geckos respond to drugs. More research is needed to answer if geckos can get high like humans do.

Individual Variation: Just like humans, geckos may show different reactions to drugs. Some may show more effects, while others may not be affected.

Ethical Considerations: Experiments involving animals and drugs are ethically controversial. The welfare of the geckos must be taken into account.

There’s not enough evidence to prove if geckos can get high. More research is essential to understand the effects of drugs on geckos and if they can have the same experience as humans.

Recent research has looked into geckos and their interaction with drugs. But, we still have much to learn. As our knowledge of gecko behavior grows, further studies may give us more insight into this topic.

Conclusion: Importance of preventing geckos from accidental exposure and providing proper care and nutrition .

Conclusion: Importance of preventing geckos from accidental exposure and providing proper care and nutrition .

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Geckos are delicate creatures that need mindful attention for their safety. Unintended exposure to substances or surroundings can be damaging to their health, making prevention necessary. Additionally, giving geckos proper care and nutrition is crucial for their wellbeing and longevity.

Geckos have an exclusive physiology that leaves them prone to the impacts of selected substances. As stated in the reference data, geckos can be exposed to hazards such as cannabis smoke, leading to unfavorable outcomes regarding their behavior and health. Consequently, creating a safe environment for geckos, free from any accidental exposure, is important.

Moreover, the reference data states the importance of supplying geckos with proper care and nutrition. This includes providing them with a habitat like their natural environment, correct heating and lighting conditions, and a balanced diet. Geckos have dietary needs that must be fulfilled for their health and to stop any dietary deficiencies.

Moreover, it is essential to remain knowledgeable about the requirements and welfare of geckos. By staying updated with the latest research and advancements in gecko care, we can improve our understanding of how to properly care for geckos. This understanding will allow us to make wise choices regarding their wellbeing, ultimately guaranteeing that geckos get the care and consideration they deserve.

Some Facts About “Can Geckos Get High”:

  • ✅ Geckos do not have an endocannabinoid system, making it unlikely that they can get high from marijuana exposure. (Source:
  • ✅ While there is anecdotal evidence of geckos exhibiting unusual behavior near marijuana cultivation sites, it is unclear what substances they consume or how it affects them. (Source:
  • ✅ Scientific studies have not provided conclusive evidence that geckos can get high. (Source:
  • ✅ Leopard geckos, a specific type of gecko, can be affected by second-hand smoke from marijuana, causing symptoms such as disorientation and respiratory system failure. (Source:
  • ✅ It is important to take precautions to prevent accidental exposure of leopard geckos to marijuana smoke and provide proper care to avoid other health issues. (Source:

FAQs about Can Geckos Get High

Can geckos get high from marijuana smoke?

Leopard geckos, like other small pet lizards, can be affected by second-hand smoke from marijuana. They have endocannabinoid systems (ECS) similar to humans, so inhaling or ingesting substances like marijuana can lead to symptoms such as disorientation, lethargy, difficulty moving, vomiting, difficulty breathing, seizures, respiratory system failure, and possible poisoning. It is important to maintain a distance from their enclosure when smoking and change your clothing afterwards to prevent accidental exposure.

What are the consequences of geckos getting high from marijuana smoke?

If geckos get high from marijuana smoke, it can have negative consequences for their health. They may experience symptoms such as disorientation, lethargy, vomiting, and difficulty breathing. These symptoms can be serious and even fatal if not treated properly. It is important to monitor your gecko closely and consult a veterinarian if they show any signs of being affected by marijuana smoke.

Can geckos get high from other substances or home remedies?

There is anecdotal evidence suggesting that geckos may exhibit unusual behavior after ingesting certain elements around marijuana cultivation sites, but it is still unknown what substances they consume or how it affects them. The psychoactive properties of lizard powder and other home remedies are also not well understood. It is important to note that these substances may have unknown risks and should be avoided.

What should I do if my gecko shows symptoms of being high?

If your gecko shows symptoms such as vomiting, difficulty moving, or increased lethargy, it is important to take immediate action. Monitor their condition closely and consult a veterinarian for proper diagnosis and treatment. It is also important to provide a proper diet, adequate hydration, and minimize stress to ensure your gecko’s overall health.

Can all lizards get high from marijuana smoke?

No, not all lizards can get high from marijuana smoke. Leopard geckos have endocannabinoid systems similar to humans, but it is not known if other species of lizards have the same physiological response. It is best to avoid exposing any lizards to second-hand smoke to ensure their well-being.

Is there any scientific evidence supporting geckos getting high from marijuana?

Currently, there is no scientific evidence to support the claim that geckos can get high from marijuana. While there are anecdotal reports and speculations, scientific data regarding gecko and marijuana exposure is limited. More research is needed to understand the potential effects of marijuana on geckos and their unique set of anatomical features.