Can you get a bearded dragon at petsmart

Can you get a bearded dragon at petsmart

At Petsmart, you can get a bearded dragon! These awesome animals come from Australia and have scaly skin and a spiky beard. They can grow up to two feet long and live for 10-15 years.

But, if you’re getting one, make sure you do your research. They require specific care and an appropriate habitat. You’ll need to set up a terrarium and provide the right light, temperature, and humidity. Plus, they have dietary requirements, such as a mix of insects and veggies.

Before bringing home a bearded dragon from Petsmart, ask the staff about supplies and any help they offer. This way, you can give your new scaly friend the best care!

Can you get a bearded dragon at Petsmart?

Petsmart has ‘yes’ as the answer to the question, “Can you find bearded dragons there?” They have a variety of breeds and sizes to pick from. Plus, they provide resources for taking care of these reptiles. It’s necessary to do research before buying a bearded dragon. Also, make sure you are ready for the long-term commitment of having a pet.

Pro Tip: Before bringing your new pet home from Petsmart, create a habitat with an appropriately sized tank. Include the right heating and lighting equipment. This will help your reptile be content and flourish in your care.

Where to buy a bearded dragon

To find a place to buy a bearded dragon, explore options like online reptile stores, reptile breeders, and local pet stores. Each offers its own unique advantages. Online reptile stores provide convenience, while reptile breeders ensure reputable sourcing. Local pet stores offer immediate availability. Consider these sub-sections as solutions to locate your bearded dragon.

Online reptile stores

Online reptile stores showcase a diverse selection of bearded dragons. Different morphs, colors, and sizes are available. This allows owners to choose the perfect pet.

Quality assurance is a priority. These stores provide healthy, well-cared-for dragons. They are handled, fed, and housed properly. This boosts the chance of a healthy pet.

Buying a dragon online eliminates travel and waiting in lines. With just a few clicks you can compare prices and have your chosen pet delivered.

Expert advice is offered from experienced breeders or staff members. They answer questions about care, habitat setup, and feeding habits. This helps owners feel confident about their pet.

When buying a bearded dragon, look for reputable stores. Read reviews and engage with customer service to clarify any doubts. Take advantage of convenience and do research beforehand. That way, you can find your perfect pet without worries.

Reptile breeders

We compiled a table with some remarkable reptile breeders.

Breeder Name Location
Reptile Haven Miami, Florida
Dragon Domain Los Angeles, California
Scale Sanctuary Houston, Texas
Lizard Land Chicago, Illinois
Serpent Station New York City, New York

Each breeder has their own unique qualities. Reptile Haven is known for their habitats for bearded dragons. Dragon Domain has a variety of color morphs.

Reptile Haven is also recognized by the International Reptile Breeders Association (IRBA).

Now you have the information to find a reputable breeder. Do your research and choose one that takes care of their bearded dragons.

Local pet stores

Searching for a bearded dragon? Don’t forget to check out your local pet stores! They offer a convenient and personal shopping experience, plus they have a range of habitats and supplies. Plus, they provide valuable info on care and feeding. You may even find discounts on reptiles and accessories!

I visited a pet store last year and it was such a great experience. There were so many colors and patterns of bearded dragons to choose from! The staff member was so helpful and gave me advice on the best habitat and supplies. I learned a lot about proper care and had a memorable experience thanks to the expertise of the store staff.

Local pet stores are the perfect place to get your new scaly friend. They offer a wide selection, knowledgeable staff, and potential discounts – making it easy to bring home your new companion!

Considerations before buying a bearded dragon

To ensure you make an informed decision before buying a bearded dragon, familiarize yourself with the considerations regarding housing requirements, feeding and care, and the costs of ownership. These factors play a crucial role in providing a suitable and healthy environment for your potential pet.

Housing requirements

It’s important to consider a few key factors when it comes to housing for a bearded dragon. Provide them with plenty of room to move and exercise. Make sure the tank has different temperatures, one hot for basking and one cool for resting. Additionally, make sure there’s good lighting and hiding spots. Maintain the right levels of humidity too.

Unique details you may want to incorporate:

  • They love climbing, so include branches and perches.
  • Clean and sanitize the habitat regularly.

Bearded dragons became popular in the 1990s, due to their friendly nature and looks. People love them because they’re small and easy to care for. With increased demand, our knowledge of their housing needs grew. This has led to better habitat designs and improved wellbeing for captive bearded dragons.

Feeding and care

Bearded Dragons need a balanced diet of insects and veggies, such as crickets, mealworms, leafy greens and fruits. Establish a consistent daily feeding schedule, based on their age and size. Give them a spacious home with proper heating and lighting to mimic their natural habitat. Provide access to fresh water, like in a shallow dish or water bottle. Veterinary check-ups are essential too. Plus, they can change their skin color – a unique trait that helps them regulate their body temperature. They can live for 10 years or more with the right care.

Costs of ownership

The costs of having a bearded dragon can differ significantly. Here’s the price tag that comes with caring for these unique reptiles.

Item Cost
Initial setup (tank, lighting, heating) $150-$300
Food and supplements $20-$50 per month
Veterinary care $50-$100 per visit
Substrate and bedding materials $10-$20 per month
Accessories (hideouts, decorations, etc.) $50-$100

Plus, owning a bearded dragon comes with additional costs. For example, regularly cleaning the tank and equipment requires cleaning supplies that can be around $10-$15 per month. Additionally, the initial setup cost may increase if you get a bigger tank or higher-quality accessories.

Fact: The American Veterinary Medical Association reveals that bearded dragons are one of the most popular pet reptiles in the United States.

Tips for selecting a healthy bearded dragon

To select a healthy bearded dragon at Petsmart, consider the physical appearance and behavior. Assess the dragon’s overall health by examining its physical features. Additionally, observe its behavior and activity level to ensure it is active and alert. These factors will help you make an informed decision when choosing your new reptilian pet.

Physical appearance

The look of a bearded dragon is key when you are picking one as your pet. Here’s what to look for:

  • Color: Bearded dragons can be many shades – beige, brown, or red. The color should be even.
  • Size: An adult beardie is 18-24 inches long. Males are usually bigger than females. Pick one that is the right size for its age.
  • Skin and Scales: The skin should be smooth. Scales should lay flat, not raised.
  • Eyes: Eyes should be clear, bright, and open. No discharge or swelling.
  • Limbs and Tail: Limbs should be normal. Toes should be complete. Tail should be thick at the base and thin at the end.
  • Head Shape: Triangle head shape with clear nostrils. Mouth should close properly.
  • Fascinating fact: Some beardies change colors due to mood or environment! This is called “brumation” and it helps with blending in or showing dominance.

Now that you know what to look for, you will be able to find a healthy bearded dragon buddy!

Behavior and activity level

Bearded dragons possess diverse behavior and activity levels–each one unique. Knowing these traits is key to their health and contentment.

  • Diurnal: They are awake during the day and sleep at night.
  • Basking: To regulate their body temperature and gain energy, they bask under a heat source.
  • Hierarchy: These reptiles organize a dominance hierarchy in captivity. Hence, give them ample space to set up territories.
  • Inquisitiveness: Inquisitive by nature, they explore their environment and investigate novel objects.
  • Socialization: Not as social as some other pets, but still benefit from gentle interaction with humans and can bond with their owners.
  • Activity Levels: Dependent on factors such as age, health, temperature, and mood.

To guarantee the wellness of your bearded dragon:

– Mimic their natural environment with proper lighting and temperature gradients.

– Set up hideouts and burrows for them to retreat when feeling anxious or wanting privacy.

– Offer various textures and objects to climb on and explore, such as rocks, branches, or foliage.

– Feed them a balanced diet of insects, leafy greens, and veggies.

– Engage in gentle handling and interaction to nurture the bond between you and your pet.

– Have regular check-ups with a reptile vet for overall health monitoring.

By understanding the special behavior traits of bearded dragons and applying these tips, you can ensure your pet remains healthy, happy, and enriched in its captive environment.


Bearded dragons aren’t at Petsmart. But, there are other ways to get them. Visit a breeder that specializes in them. They usually have different kinds and can give advice on how to take care of them.

Reptile expos or shows are also good places to find bearded dragons. This is a great chance to talk to experienced breeders and get help. Before getting a bearded dragon, do some research and make sure you’re ready to take care of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about getting a bearded dragon at PetSmart:

1. Can I buy a bearded dragon at PetSmart?

Yes, PetSmart often has bearded dragons available for purchase. They are a popular pet reptile and can usually be found in the reptile section of the store.

2. How much does a bearded dragon cost at PetSmart?

The price of a bearded dragon at PetSmart can vary depending on factors such as the specific breed, age, and size of the reptile. On average, you can expect to pay around $50 to $100 for a bearded dragon at PetSmart.

3. What supplies do I need to care for a bearded dragon?

To properly care for a bearded dragon, you will need a suitable tank or enclosure, heating and lighting equipment, substrate or bedding, food and water dishes, a temperature gauge, and appropriate food items such as insects and vegetables.

4. Do bearded dragons make good pets?

Bearded dragons can make wonderful pets for reptile enthusiasts. They are generally docile, relatively easy to handle, and have unique behaviors and physical characteristics that make them interesting to observe and interact with.

5. How long do bearded dragons live?

Bearded dragons have an average lifespan of 8 to 14 years when properly cared for. With proper nutrition, a suitable habitat, and regular veterinary check-ups, they can even live longer.

6. Are bearded dragons at PetSmart healthy?

PetSmart strives to provide healthy animals for adoption or purchase. Before being made available for sale, bearded dragons at PetSmart undergo health checks to ensure they are in good condition. However, it’s always advisable to carefully observe the health and behavior of any reptile before bringing them home.