Can you get leopard geckos in new zealand

Can you get leopard geckos in new zealand


Leopard geckos, with their alluring looks and gentle temperaments, have charmed reptile fans from all over the world. But can these enchanting critters set foot in the land of the Kiwis? Let’s investigate.

The rules for importing to New Zealand can be stringent, especially when it comes to non-native species. So, sadly, the same applies for leopard geckos.

The Department of Conservation in NZ has put a ban on bringing in leopard geckos due to worries about their potential effects on native plants and animals. This precautionary measure is meant to protect New Zealand’s unique ecosystem.

For those wanting these captivating creatures as pets, it’s regrettable. But, it’s essential to respect and keep New Zealand’s natural heritage intact. By following these protective steps, we can maintain the diversity and balance of this beautiful island nation.

Be sure to check reliable sources for any potential changes and confirm updates before making decisions or conclusions.

Nothing beats having a leopard-print wardrobe…except for having a leopard gecko-print pet in New Zealand!

The legality of owning leopard geckos in New Zealand

In New Zealand, it’s legal to own leopard geckos as pets. They’re docile and low-maintenance, plus they look amazing with their unique patterns and colours. Demand for these Pakistani and Afghan natives has been rising.

The Department of Conservation oversees all activities involving exotic species. It’s important owners stick to the regulations and give their geckos good care.

Leopard geckos were first brought to New Zealand a few decades ago. Reptile lovers appreciate their adaptability and ease of care. Breeding is big business here, with many producers focusing on healthy, genetically diverse geckos.

Availability of leopard geckos in New Zealand

Leopard geckos are popular reptiles among pet lovers, and they can be found in New Zealand. Here’s the scoop on their availability:

Different factors determine the availability of leopard geckos in NZ. These include legal regulations, breeding programs, and local sellers. Let’s look into them.

  • Legal Regulations: Restricted. Certain restrictions apply due to conservation and international trade.
  • Breeding Programs: Limited. Local breeding programs are increasing the supply.
  • Local Sellers: Varied. May depend on regional demand and interests.

These creatures thrive in vivariums with suitable heat and humidity. Plus, they can live for up to 20 years if give proper care.

Do your research before buying a leopard gecko. Learn about their needs to keep them healthy and happy.

Now you have all the info you need to decide if a leopard gecko is the right pet for you. Enjoy your reptile wonderland!

Care requirements for leopard geckos

Leopard geckos need special care to stay healthy. Here are 3 important points to remember:

  1. Habitat: Give them a roomy, safe home with temps between 75 and 88F. Include hiding spots, a shallow bowl of water, and non-toxic bedding.
  2. Diet: They mostly eat live bugs like crickets and mealworms. Add calcium and vitamin D3 for optimal health. Always have fresh water available.
  3. Handling: They can handle gentle handling, but support their body and avoid sudden movements to reduce stress. Don’t handle them for too long.

Plus, these reptiles have some unique needs. They have eyelids, unlike other geckos, so they’re less prone to eye problems. They can shed their skin in one piece, which helps keep it healthy.

If you give your leopard gecko the right habitat, proper nutrition, and gentle handling, you’ll be rewarded with a happy, healthy reptile. Get started creating the perfect environment for your new pet today!


The amazing world of reptiles never fails to astonish enthusiasts. But, can leopard geckos be found in New Zealand? The answer is no. Importing these creatures from other countries is prohibited due to New Zealand’s biosecurity laws.

Leopard geckos are native to Afghanistan and Pakistan’s dry regions. They’re highly sought after in the pet trade industry. So, what can you do if you want a leopard gecko in New Zealand?

Connect with local reptile organizations and enthusiasts. They may have captive-bred geckos available for adoption or sale. Or, look for international breeders who offer shipping services. Make sure to research and choose a reliable breeder with ethical practices.

Remember, owning a leopard gecko means more than just providing for its happiness and wellbeing. Learn about their proper care requirements. Make sure their habitat has adequate heating, lighting, and substrate.