Plantaginaceae – great food source for vegetarian reptiles?

Plantain, a source of food for vegetarian reptiles? Plantain is a herbaceous plant that is widespread in Europe. In terrariums, it constitutes a quality food for vegetarian reptiles. Its use also concerns insectivorous species. The plant is part of the Plantaginaceae family in the Plantago branch. What does plantain look like? Plantain is characterized by significant diversification. But the most famous … Read more

What is the cheapest reptile food?

The Dubia cockroach is the cheapest food, and in this article, I will go over how and why it’s a great choice. Many people have apparently got the impression that Dubia cockroaches are expensive to feed your reptiles with. However, this is completely wrong, because it is actually the cheapest feed insect to use, compared … Read more

What size should live feed insects be?

What size should the live feed insect be to fit the hobby animal?  In this article, we take a closer look at the problem and come up with some rules of thumb in relation to various hobby animals. When feeding your hobby animal/pet with live insects, always make sure that the insects are a suitable … Read more

Live Feeding Reptiles – is it a good idea?

Live feed – macabre? Some may find it a bit macabre to feed on live insects or live feed animals at all. But there is generally not much “humane” about the way nature is arranged. We philosophize a bit about this in this article. In a way, it is understandable when some people feel disgusted … Read more

Are snakes and other exotic pets wild animals?

Snakes and other wild animals bred in captivity are still wild animals, as they are basically identical to those of their fellow species, which are born in the wild. A species is first domesticated after many generations of selective breeding, where humans choose breeding animals according to particularly desired traits. It causes genetic changes in … Read more

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Why is it problematic to keep exotic pets?

Basically, life in captivity endangers the physical and mental well-being of wild animals. The animals suffer unnecessarily when captured from the wild, bred in captivity, forced to interact with humans and have to spend their lives in captivity. All of which is something that limits the animals’ ability to unfold their natural behaviour. If life … Read more

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How to heat up a terrarium?

Almost all of the animals that we keep in a terrarium are said to be ectothermic. That is to say that their body temperature is strictly dependent on the temperature of their environment. Thus in a terrarium, as in nature, the animal carries out behavioral thermoregulation. That is to say that the animal will be … Read more

What insects do reptiles eat?

In this article, I will give the top three reptile live food options if you want to keep your reptile happy. I have also added an insect nutritional value chart that will help you as to what insects you should feed your reptiles. If you really want to pamper your reptiles with the best insects, … Read more

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how to feed your lizards?

Want to adopt a lizard? Find out how to feed it well on a daily basis. What diet to follow? How often to feed him? What foods to give him? Herbivores, omnivores, insectivores or strict carnivores, we tell you all about the lizard’s diet. how to Feed your herbivores lizards? Nutritional requirements To cover the intake … Read more

What you need to know before getting a lizard

Want to get a lizard? Lizards are often very popular with people looking to get into the reptile hoppy. And for good reason, rather docile, easily tamed, lizards are fascinating creatures to observe and handle. But then, which species to choose? What does a lizard eat? How to set up your terrarium? We tell you … Read more