design elements in tropical forest terrarium?

Sub-Tropical terrarium

If you have decided on a jungle inhabitant, your terrarium must be equipped with the appropriate technology that ensures constant temperature and humidity.

In a humid rainforest terrarium, there is a tropical climate. The humidity is almost 100%.

The substrate should usually only be slightly damp.

Pointed snakes from Asia, for example, feel at home in this climate.

Tropical terrariums are the most demanding terrariums in terms of care and equipment.

Climbing branchesCork & robinia branches, mangrove roots
Plants:Hard foliage (Aucuba), rubber trees, Dieffenbachia, Alocasia, Aglaonema, Calathea, Spathiphyllum, green lilies, philodendron, Tradescantia, Marantha, Caladium, moss
Ground:Leaf soil, terrarium soil, peat moss to avoid waterlogging
Water:From a large water bowl to a large pool with a stream, everything is possible here.

Swamp terrarium

The soil in the swamp is wet, so that toads, for example, can discover their surroundings. The floor pan stands with water, the container can be of different sizes. Depending on the species, the temperature is 15-24 ° C (unheated) or 24-30 ° C (heated).

Root:Tanned wood, mangrove roots, bog wood, synthetic roots, stone slabs
Plants:Aquarium plants such as spear leaf, water goblet, pennywort, marsh grass, dwarf papyrus, hemigraphis or ophiopogon
Ground:Gravel or sphagnum as a substrate, moss cushion
Drinking bowl:Please lay out with gravel

Rainforest terrarium

The humid and warm rainforest, which rains a lot, is a complex ecological structure and is best kept in a large terrarium.

The exotic terrarium has lush vegetation with high temperature and humidity.

The temperatures are mostly around 25 ° C. In the evening, fog fields are mostly formed. The night is fresh, with temperatures around 21 ° C.

Wood:Lianas, vine wood, cork, coconut shells
Plants:Lush vegetation dominates the rainforest. Epiphytes, bromeliads, tree ferns, orchids, moss, climbing plants (Aeschynanthus, Piper, Hoya, Peperomia), earth stars, Ludwigia, Cryptocoryne, dragon and screw trees
Landscape:The tropical landscape can be individually designed with water tanks, a stream and a structured rear wall
Drinking bowl:Please lay out with gravel