Do You Get Paid To Kill Pythons In Florida?

In Florida, there’s a war going on – a war against the invasive Burmese pythons that have been wreaking havoc on the state’s ecosystem. But did you know that some people are getting paid to hunt and kill these giant snakes?

That’s right – the state of Florida has been offering cash prizes to hunters who can capture the most pythons, as a way to help control their population. But is this really an effective solution, and is it ethical to kill these animals for money? Let’s dive in and explore this controversial topic.

Yes, you can get paid to kill pythons in Florida. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission pays licensed python hunters to remove invasive Burmese pythons from the state’s ecosystem. The program pays a minimum wage rate of $8.65 per hour, with additional payments for pythons that are captured and killed. The goal of the program is to help protect Florida’s native wildlife from the predatory snakes.

Do You Get Paid to Kill Pythons in Florida?

Do You Get Paid to Kill Pythons in Florida?


Florida is home to one of the most invasive species in the world – the Burmese python. These large snakes have been causing havoc in the state for decades, with populations growing rapidly and causing harm to the local ecosystem. In an effort to control their numbers, the state of Florida has implemented a python removal program, which allows individuals to get paid to hunt and kill these snakes. But how does this program work? And what are the benefits of participating?

What is the Python Removal Program?

The Python Removal Program is an initiative launched by the South Florida Water Management District in 2017, in partnership with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Its goal is to remove as many Burmese pythons from the Everglades ecosystem as possible, in order to protect native species and restore ecological balance. The program pays individuals to capture and kill pythons in designated areas of the state.

To participate in the program, hunters must be at least 18 years old and have a valid hunting license issued by the state of Florida. They must also complete a training course on python identification and capture techniques, which is offered by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Once they have completed the course, they can apply to become a contracted python hunter.

How Much Can You Make?

The amount of money hunters can earn through the Python Removal Program varies depending on the size of the snake they capture. Hunters are paid a minimum of $50 for every python measuring up to four feet in length. They also receive an additional $25 for each foot beyond the first four feet. For example, a hunter who captures a six-foot python would receive $100 ($50 for the first four feet and $25 for each additional foot).

In addition to this, the program offers a bounty of $200 for each python caught that is guarding a nest with eggs. This is because these snakes are particularly harmful to the ecosystem, as they can lay up to 100 eggs at a time and their offspring quickly become invasive themselves.

Benefits of Participating

Participating in the Python Removal Program has a number of benefits. Firstly, it helps to protect the local ecosystem by reducing the number of invasive pythons in the area. This in turn can help to protect native species, such as the endangered Key Largo woodrat and the Cape Sable seaside sparrow.

Secondly, it provides hunters with an opportunity to earn money while doing something they enjoy. For many people, hunting is a hobby or a passion, and the Python Removal Program allows them to turn this into a source of income.

Finally, participating in the program can also help to raise awareness about the dangers of invasive species and the importance of conservation efforts. By spreading the word about the program and the impact of the Burmese python on the local ecosystem, hunters can encourage others to get involved and take action.


The Python Removal Program is an innovative initiative that offers hunters an opportunity to earn money while helping to protect the local ecosystem. By capturing and killing invasive Burmese pythons, hunters can help to restore ecological balance and protect native species. If you are interested in becoming a contracted python hunter, be sure to check out the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission website for more information on how to get involved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Florida has been overrun by invasive Burmese pythons, which pose a threat to the ecosystem and native species. As a result, the state has implemented a Python Elimination Program to control the population. Here are some common questions people have about the program:

What is the Python Elimination Program?

The Python Elimination Program is a state-run program that pays qualified individuals to remove Burmese pythons from the wild in Florida. The program’s goal is to protect the state’s native wildlife and reduce the negative impact of these invasive snakes on the ecosystem. To participate in the program, individuals must meet certain qualifications and complete training.

The program began in 2017 and has been successful in removing thousands of pythons from the wild. It is funded by the state and administered by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC).

Who is eligible to participate in the Python Elimination Program?

Anyone who is 18 years or older and has a valid hunting license and the required permits can apply to participate in the Python Elimination Program. However, applicants must also complete an online training course and pass a proficiency test before they can become a registered python removal agent.

The FWC also gives preference to individuals who have experience with python removal or have a background in biology, wildlife management, or related fields. Successful applicants are paid for each python they capture and remove from the wild.

How much do python removal agents get paid?

The amount that python removal agents are paid varies depending on the size of the python they capture. For pythons measuring up to 4 feet, agents are paid $50. For each additional foot, they receive an extra $25. So, for example, a 10-foot python would earn an agent $150. The FWC also offers additional cash prizes for capturing the most pythons and the longest python during specific hunting competitions.

It’s important to note that python removal agents are not considered state employees and are not eligible for benefits or worker’s compensation.

What equipment is required to participate in the Python Elimination Program?

Python removal agents are required to use humane methods to capture and euthanize the snakes. As a result, certain equipment is required, including a hunting license, permits for python removal, and a snake hook or tongs for capture. Additionally, agents must have a secure and ventilated container for transporting the snakes and a GPS-enabled mobile device for reporting their location and the location of captured pythons.

The FWC provides additional guidance and recommendations for equipment and safety gear that participants should bring with them, including protective clothing, sturdy boots, and a snake bite kit.

Can anyone hunt pythons in Florida?

No, not everyone can hunt pythons in Florida. Only individuals who have completed the required training and have a valid hunting license and permits can legally remove pythons from the wild. Additionally, hunting pythons on certain public lands may be prohibited or restricted, so it’s important to check with the land manager before hunting. It is also illegal to release pythons into the wild or to keep them as pets without a permit.

It’s important to remember that hunting pythons can be dangerous and should only be attempted by those who have the necessary knowledge and equipment to do so safely.

Why don’t they just shoot the Pythons in Florida?

In conclusion, killing pythons in Florida is an important job that has gained popularity over the years. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has employed hunters to control the population of these invasive species. Although the job is not for everyone, it offers a unique opportunity for individuals who are passionate about wildlife conservation.

Not only do these hunters get paid to remove pythons, but they also play a critical role in protecting the natural ecosystem of Florida. With their efforts, the population of these invasive snakes has been greatly reduced, which has had a positive impact on native wildlife.

Overall, being a python hunter in Florida is a rewarding job that requires dedication, skill, and a strong passion for wildlife conservation. The opportunity to make a difference in the environment and get paid for it is a rare opportunity that should not be overlooked.