Where to Find the Jeep Compass Lizard Easter Egg?

Where to Find the Jeep Compass Lizard Easter Egg

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If you’ve ever questioned why there is a lizard on a Jeep Compass, you’ve come to the right place. Not only does the lizard represent the outdoor image of the SUV, it also points to the VIN number of the vehicle. Easter eggs are clever styling cues placed in unexpected locations. For example, the rear window design resembles the Loch Ness monster. While the rear window design is merely an Easter egg, the lizard is an all-new feature. The lizard, pointing to the VIN number, is one of many Easter eggs on the Jeep Compass.

Why is there a lizard on the Jeep Compass

The lizard on the Jeep Compass logo is an interesting design cue. A lizard on a vehicle is a reference to the company’s outdoor image, and could also be a deterrent to herpetophobes from checking the VIN number. But, there are other places to look for this unusual design. This article will discuss three places where you might find a lizard on a Jeep.

For one thing, most Jeep owners will dismiss this design cue as a flaw, but it’s actually a clever design choice. The lizard is a nod to the Jeep’s heritage and its ability to tackle tough terrain. The lizard is also embedded into the wheel hubcaps. The center console of the Jeep Compass has a topographical map of Moab, Utah, and the lizard is a nod to its roots.

There are several Easter eggs on the Jeep Compass. There’s a lizard on the steering wheel, a Jeep Compass lizard on the floor mat, and a Jeep logo on the grille. In fact, the company put lizards on every single Jeep. It’s like an Easter egg, only a Jeep car has Easter eggs. You can find them anywhere on the car, including the Jeep logo.

The Jeep brand has a long tradition of hiding hidden messages throughout its products. Some of the Jeeps have lizards on the windows, while others have a T-rex on the rear window or a spider on the gas cap. A Jeep Cherokee could have T-Rex, Bigfoot, or a Jeep Compass lizard. The company has been making Easter eggs on Jeep vehicles for over a decade, starting with the 1997 Wrangler and the iconic seven-slot grille.

There are many Easter eggs on the Jeep Liberty, but there are also a couple of easter eggs on the Jeep Compass. The Jeep Liberty has more, but they are hidden in places harder to find than the Jeep wranglers. A Jeep Compass, on the other hand, is a much more accessible vehicle. The lizard, meanwhile, hides in the cowl, the space between the hood and windshield.

Is there a hidden lizard in the Jeeps

One curious feature of the Jeep Compass is a lizard molded into the plastic below the windshield. Perhaps it’s a nod to Jeep’s outdoor image, or perhaps the company was trying to keep herpetophobes from checking the VIN number, which they can easily find elsewhere. In any case, it’s an interesting detail. The rear window design resembles a Loch ness monster, and the Jeep’s waterproof ability makes it an excellent vehicle for those who enjoy outdoor activities.

If you love Jeeps, you’ll surely enjoy hunting for hidden Easter eggs. Some Jeep models have these Easter Eggs hidden within them, such as the infamous Willys silhouettes. Some have dinosaur fossils in the floor mats. If you are into dinosaurs, you might even find a T-Rex! If you’re looking for a Jeep that looks like it’s from the distant past, you may have a chance to find one of these rare Jeeps.

In addition to the lizard, there are plenty of other Easter eggs in Jeep vehicles. Some are more difficult to find than others, and may be harder to find than you think. While the Jeep Compass doesn’t have a hidden lizard, there are a few other locations where you can find one. Some of them are even hidden in plain sight! So, be sure to look for them in your Jeep today. If you’re into hidden Easter eggs, the Jeep Compass will surely be a great vehicle to own. It’s worth the extra effort.

Another Easter egg found in the Jeep compass is the T-Rex skull on the floor mat. Some people have found a T-Rex skull on the fuel door, or even a spider. In fact, the T-Rex skull is hidden in the Jeep fuel door. While some of these Easter eggs aren’t actually hidden, they are just there to give the Jeep compass some extra personality.

Another interesting Easter egg found in the Jeep Compass is a lizard under the windshield wipers. The Jeep Compass is one of the more stable second generation models. A lizard on the windshield and the engine bay are just two of the hidden features of the 2020 Jeep Compass. Its lizard design also makes it an attractive vehicle that is sure to turn heads.

Where is the lizard Easter egg Jeep

If you’ve ever wanted to know where the Jeep Compass Lizard Easter egg is hidden, look for a distinctive seven-slot grille and circular headlights. These two styling cues are reminiscent of the Loch Ness Monster, and the Jeep logo is imprinted on the rear-window detailing of certain Jeep models. You’ll also find the Jeep logo on the headlights of the Jeep Renegade.

In addition to the grille and the windshield, you can also look under the windshield wipers for the fake gecko. This is one of the larger east eggs hiding in your Jeep. You might be surprised to find it there! Look carefully and you’ll see it! If you can’t find it there, look around other places for the Jeep logo, too. It’s the most likely hiding place, but you can always try other places to find it.

The interior and exterior of the Jeep Compass are full of Easter eggs. The Jeep Grand Cherokee has several hiding spots throughout the interior and exterior. The Jeep Compass has a Lizard hidden on the rear windshield. You can find more than one Easter egg in the Jeep Grand Cherokee and the Jeep Compass. Look for the egg on the interior or exterior of the Jeep Compass. It’s a fun way to find hidden Jeep goodies.

Other hidden Easter eggs can be found in the steering wheel, windshield wipers, and the back of the Jeep. You’ll never know where the Jeep Compass Lizard will be until you start looking. Jeep’s iconic cars are known for their off-road abilities, and you can always count on Jeep to deliver. You’ll find one hiding in your vehicle. This will let you know if you’ve found the right one!

If you’ve been searching for the Jeep Compass Lizard, you’re in luck! Jeep has made it easy for enthusiasts to find these little treasures, so check the interior to see where you can find it. The Jeep Compass Lizard has been hiding in the front of the car since its introduction in 1997. It’s usually located in a hidden compartment in the vehicle, so you may want to check under the floor mats for the egg before driving it around.

Where is the hidden animal on a Jeep Compass

The Jeep Compass has a cute little gecko hiding on its dash, and it could be a reference to the brand’s rugged outdoor image. Or it could be an attempt to keep herpetophobes from looking up the vehicle’s VIN. Whatever the reason, we love this hidden feature! Hopefully, Jeep will keep up the tradition. If not, we have a few ideas for you.

The Jeep Compass features several hidden Easter eggs, including a T-Rex skull under the windshield wipers. You may have noticed the seven-slot grille, circular headlights, or the word “Project” on the front fascia. The lizard and the sea monster are actually styling cues, so you won’t have to spend too much time searching for them.

There are other hidden easter eggs on Jeep vehicles. Jeep Liberty models have few hidden easter eggs, but most of them are in less obvious locations. The Jeep Compass, on the other hand, has many of them hidden in plain sight. Find one of them and you’ll be surprised by how easy it is! If you’re looking for a fun Easter Egg on a Jeep, look no further than the dashboard.

Another hidden animal on a Jeep Compass is the “Willys” logo. This logo is located on the rear hatch latch, as well as on the panel below the rear windshield. You’ll also notice it under the windshield wipers and the gearstick sock button. Those are all subtle clues that the Jeep Compass has a hidden animal. You might be wondering where it is hiding, but the answer is a small gecko, hidden in plain view.

In case you’re wondering where the hidden animal is on a Jeep, consider the following tips. A gecko on the rear window of a Jeep is a classic easter egg, but a chameleon on the floor mats is a rare find. The Loch Ness Monster is another popular animal found on Jeeps. Depending on the model, it can even be found in the windows of a Jeep Cherokee.