8 Jumping Spider Pets

8 Jumping Spider Pets

8 Jumping Spider Pets Having a jumping spider pet can be an exciting experience. These pets are easy to care for and are very interesting to watch. They are very fast, and have eight eyes. They are also sexually dimorphic, meaning that both males and females have different colors on their scales. For people that … Read more

Do Tarantulas Need Heat?

Do Tarantulas Need Heat

Do Tarantulas Need Heat? Do Tarantulas Need Heat? If you’re wondering if heat is dangerous for your pet, then this article is for you. Normal room temperature is perfectly fine for most spe. However, if you’re worried, you can use UV Lights to keep your pet healthy. Here’s how to set up a UV light … Read more

Tarantula terrarium – What you need to know?

Admittedly, spiders are not everyone’s creature and many people, especially women, are afraid of a spider gets too close, but they are extremely interesting creatures. Their appearance alone is exciting and fascinating for lovers, so it is almost no wonder that more and more fans are deciding to keep a spider as a pet. Above … Read more

What to feed my tarantula?

You are not one of those people who are disgusted with spiders or even afraid of these animals? Spiders are not only essential animals for our nature and the entire ecosystem; they are also very exciting and fascinating. For this reason, some spiders are often kept as pets in terrariums. Above all, the many different … Read more